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Resource ArticlesDr. Steelsmith wrote a monthly Prescriptions column for the Honolulu Advertiser, Hawaii's premier newspaper, for ten years and this wealth of information has been compiled for you below. These articles are written in an easy-to-understand manner and they provide you with many self-help tips and tools that you can use to help you and your family create optimal health. Feel free to share them with your friends.

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Try acai juice for its health benefits
Create a New You in the New Year
Water, fiber keep bowels healthy
A healthier drink? It's blueberry juice!
Study on Vitamin E Risks Flawed
Green tea a healthy substitute for coffee
Iron deficiency can cause odd cravings
Coffee a health drink? Better take a close look
Stop lights are for kegels!
Vinegar is good for preventing diabetes
Flower essences can help relieve anxiety
Pesticides and Parkinson's Disease
Staying Healthy While Flying
Why You Should Eat Your Broccoli
How to stop smoking naturally
Panax ginseng combats fatigue, has multiple benefits
Some pain sufferers warming up to watsu therapy
No cure for Human Papilloma Virus
Liver cleanse helps detoxify your body
Sweeten your holiday desserts without sugar
Natto eases clots, bulks up bones
For vaginitis, treat underlying cause
Pomegranate juice really can help you live a long life
Coconut oil offers great taste, health benefits
Cut risk of blood clots on planes
Massage, anti-inflammatories can help fasciitis
Krill oil may boost nerve, brain cells
Organic makeup free of synthetics
Naturopathic medicine fits into health care
Know how to prevent, treat heat exhaustion
Rhodiola could lift your energy and mood
Aromatherapy helps heal skin, soothe soul
Relieve menstrual pain using natural methods
Educate yourself about acupuncture elements
Try natural alternatives to pain drugs
Screenings and tests help women maintain health
Natural medicines may improve sleep
Use kava-kava only if it's prepared correctly
Natural medicine can help fertility by restoring balance
Coping with menopause naturally
Reduce symptoms of perimenopause
Quality of products now easier to identify
"Cupping" often used with acupuncture
Soy products beneficial to most women
Cooking method critical for meat, fries
Nonlethal Weapons
Body gives signs of when you are most likely to conceive
Diet is key when trying to build up your Qi
Pregnant women should avoid fish high in mercury
Reishi mushrooms good for immune system
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